Other Activities

Are you looking for something else?

Climbing, bungee, paragliding or a nice ballooning flight are some of the activities that Aiguadicció Rialp offers you. You can enjoy them on your own or with your best company.

Via Ferrata

Una Vía Ferrata es un itinerario deportivo situado en una pared rocosa, equipada con elementos específicos; cables, rejas … destinadas a facilitar la progresión y optimizar la seguridad de las personas que la utilizan.

  • Lugar: Tossal del Miravet Pont de Suert / Pui d’Unha
  • Distancia: –
  • Duración: ½ día / 1 día
  • Nivel: Iniciación
  • Otros comentarios: Actividad no recomendada a persona con vértigo
  • Transporte: No incluye el transporte



Feel the sensation of getting initiated into climbing. You will start with a vertical wall the safest way.

  • Location: Collegats area
  • Distance: –
  • Length: ½ day
  • Level: Begginers / Improvement
  • Other comments: Min. 2 people. The equipment is included.
  • Transport: Transport to the climbing zone is not included.


Ready to jump? Let the adrenaline flow through your veins while leaping into the void.

  • Location: Pallars Sobirà
  • Distance: 20 m.
  • Length: 1 jump
  • Level: All levels
  • Other comments: Adults only


Let the painting war get started! Have fun with your friends with one of our funniest activity.

  • Location: Rialp
  • Distance: –
  • Length: 1’30hs. approx.
  • Level: minors, to consult.
  • Other comments: Game with 100 balls


Two-seater Paragliding

Enjoy the flying sensations on a two-seater paragliding. Accompanied by our guide, you will discover beautiful landscapes from a new point of view.

  • Location: Sort, Valls d’Âneu, Vall d’Aran….
  • Distance: –
  • Length: approx. 2hs. (The flight takes 25m. approx.)
  • Level: All levels
  • Other comments: Transport is not included.

Hot air balooning

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of flying in a balloon? Live an unrepeatable experience flying above amazing landscapes such as Conca de Tremp, la cerdanya, etc.

  • Location: Cerdanya, Tremp, Alt Urgelll…
  • Distance: –
  • Length: 1’15hs.
  • Level: All levels
  • Other comments: Flight certificate and cava brindis included.

Mountain Quad Biking

Enjoy nature and the best landscapes riding a horse. It’ll be fun!
  • Location: Rialp (Pallars Sobirà)
  • Distance: –
  • Length: 1 or 2hs trip.
  • Level: Children, to consult.
  • Other comments: morning or evening outings


Horse Riding Trip

Disfruta de la naturaleza y de los mejores paisajes realizando una divertida salida a caballo.

  • Lugar: Rialp (Pallars Sobirà)
  • Distancia: –
  • Duración: Excursiones de 1 o 2hs.
  • Nivel: niños consultar
  • Otros comentarios: salidas mañana o tarde