Whitewater Canoeing

Have fun while descending a whitewater river in a boat for one or two people.

The guide will remain at all times next to us in a kayak, showing us which the correct way is in order to have a successful and safe descent.

The guide is able to lead up to two canoes at a time (4 people).

The activity will be run by an entitled guide for the speciality in whitewater (FEP).

Let’s go!

  • Transport is included
  • Equipment and insurance included
  • It is indispensable knowing how to swim

– All prices are per person
– Taxes included
– Cash and credit card payment (Other payment methods, to consult)

Included Material
  • Canoe
  • Oar
  • Suit
  • Neoprene footwear (5 mm)
  • Life vest
  • Helmet

+ All material is approved by the CE.

  • Safety talk (30 min. approx.), safe practice and performance in the river before staring the descent.
  • First 5km initiation (withdrawal option)
  • Monitoring by road transport, first aid and communication with the base.
  • Visual contact with the road assistance vehicle.
Obligations of participants
  • Know how to swim.
  • Minors with authorisation.
  • Communicate the company any type of disease (respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes …) and physical abnormalities (lesions).
  • Any incident during the activity has to be communicated to our guide.
  • In every adventure activity there exist the inherent risks caused by sport (contusions, turning over…). These are risks that we may minimize if we act according to our guide’s instructions.
  • In case we turn over, we will have to move into safety position and with our guide’s help, we will turn the boat over to get on it again.
Company Advices
  • This activity is recommended for those who enjoy adventure and are willing to get wet.
  • Complaint forms are available to our clients as well as accident insurance and civil responsibility.

Whitewater Canoeing 7km Stretch

  • Location: Llarvosí – Gulleri
  • Distance: 7km
  • Length: 2hs. approx.
  • Level: To consult
  • Other comments: Moring and evening shift

Whitewater Canoeing 14km Stretch

  • Location: Llarvosí – Rialp
  • Distance: 14km
  • Length: 3 h. approx.
  • Level: To consult
  • Other comments: Moring and evening shift